Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Libby!

We celebrated Libby's b-day on Sunday, March 29th, which is her actual b-day. That has never worked out.
Here she is w/ her new Barbie Scooter

Her cool balloons

We had her party at the place where she takes gymnastics. They took care of everything. It was great. Parties at the house are special, but this was so easy on me. These pictures are kind of in reverse of how they occured.
All her buddies at the party

Libby and Emma jumping in the jump house

The whole gang getting instructions from Libby's gymnastics coach

Libby climbing the rock wall

Libby demonstrating the stations since she is such a pro at her gymnastics

Libby and her friend Ariana playing w/ the parachute

Stretching for all the playing that went on

Birthday pancakes Sunday morning

Ready for church

A few random pictures
This is one my favorite former players from Mathis. I promised her I'd post this picture.

My neice Tomibeth and I after Libby's party

The girls having fun w/ daddy. Libby loves to dance w/ Pedro.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break 2009

The first part of the week Libby and Emma went to the dentist and day care. I got some things done around the house and finished some planning for Libby's 4th b-day party this coming Sunday.

Then we went to Sea World. The girl's favorite part of Sea World are the Clydesdales horses, not sea animals. Oh well. We go to Sea World every year for Spring Break. We have season passes so we'll be going quite often.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we ran errands and did some things around the house. Like painting our front door red.

and After. I love it. Thanks Pedro! I also did some yard work, but the finished product is not ready.

The girls enjoying a popsicle while we admire the red door.

Friday, March 13, 2009

What's Been Going On With The Flores'

Over the past two months a lot has been going on.
1. EMMA TURNED 2 on February 26th!

2. Pedro came home from work in Louisiana, for good!
We've been waiting for the day that his company opens up a division here in
Angelo. Pedro is the man in charge, just like he deserves to be. He'll do a
great job!
3. I was really sick for about a week and no one knew what was wrong. This was
before Pedro got home and it was a rough time for the girls and myself. I was
not able to be an attentive mommy. Turns out I had a bad bacteria in my
stomach. All good now.
4. We became rodeo fans! We went to the rodeo, which is big deal here, and loved
it. We hope to buy a horse in the next year.
The stick horse will have to do for now. Both girls love them.

5. We went to Mathis to visit some family.
Cousins Tomibeth and Evany

Mee Maw (my Grandma)

A very special former player of mine in Mathis, Michelle, with her baby Amerie, so cute!

6. My parents, Nana and Papa, came to visit for a few days, not long enough though.
7. Got a contract for next year at Grape Creek. Same school, just always good to
know you have a job.
8. No more teaching Spanish next year!
9. Pedro on a business trip for a few days, boo hoo.
10. It's Spring Break! When Pedro gets home we'll take our annual Spring Break trip to San Antonio to Sea World and the Riverwalk.