Saturday, March 13, 2010

Almost 5, a 3 yr old, and a 3 mo old!

It's been forever, but we'e been busy. I went back to work Feb. 1st and now it's tennis season. I'm learning how to juggle 3 kids now and being a coach. Oh yes, I'm also a wife to a man that is on call 24/7. Poor Pedro has been put last on the list, sorry babe! I did say I'm learning how to do all of it. In the past two months Emma has turned 3, we had a rodeo b-day party. It's also been rodeo time here in Angelo, our favorite time of year. We went to the rodeo 3 times, including for Emma's b-day, and the carnival of course! Paydon is now 3 months and weighs 15 pounds! He has been sick w/ RSV, but has overcome it w/ the lovely breathing treatments. It has snowed a couple of times too! Libby and Emma have started gymastics again. This is actually Emma's first time and she is doing great considering she is the clumbsiest kid ever. We are planning Libby's 5th b-day, and it looks like we might be getting her a horse. She loves the junior barrel racers at the rodeo, so we are going to see what she's got. We have decided to stay in Angelo! We love it here!