Sunday, January 25, 2009

This Past Week

Several pictures of my beautiful girls at the park this weekend.

This is priceless. This shows their personalities perfectly.

Emma at home sick Monday. Somehow she managed to look cute even with a fever.

Christmas Pics A Little Late

After church in Atlanta

Outside Nana and Papa's house

Best Buddies! Emma and Papa

Cute little Cousins

Our family Christmas morning

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Twins Are Both At Home!

Not even a month after being born both Gracelyn and Ellie have been released from the hospital. Gracelyn has been home for a week and Ellie goes home today. Check out Julia's blog, you can get to it from mine. There are a lot of new pictures of the girls.

Not much is going on in San Angelo. Back to work and busy coaching again, now it's tennis. Libby has the volleyball skills down, now we're teaching how to swing a racket. We're seem to stay busy with gymnastics, and right now Emma is sick. We'll see if she gets to go to day care tomorrow.