Monday, April 21, 2008

Love that Laundry

I love this picture of the girls. Libby loves to push Emma around in the laudry basket. The other pictures are from the park. Please pray for Pedro and I right now. We have a big decision to make about buying our house and staying in Beeville for another year, or moving to San Angelo.

Love that Laundry

This is the only time I love to see a laundry basket, when the kids are playing in it. Libby loves to push Emma around in the laundry basket. It was so cute. Emma is now walking! She still falls down a lot, but I consider her a walker now. Daddy/Pedro comes home this week. We are looking forward to having him home and having a fun weekend. Right now we need lots of prayer about the decision to buy our house, stay in Beeville, OR move to San Angelo! I'll spare all the details for now, but we have one week to make a decision. The other pictures are at the park.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Added Pictures

Here are few random pictures. I thought Emma looked so cute sitting on the counter before church. Libby loves her new tennis racket. This picture was at David and Julia's over Spring Break. The other picture is from the Princess Birthday party my Mom had for the girls over Spring Break. My uncle and aunt were so nice to let us have the party at their house. The next picture is of the girls eating lunch yesterday after church. Emma loves to be like her big sister. The last picture is of Libby's latest drawings. The picture on the left is her, and the one on the right is Pedro and I, so she says anyway. I think it's so amazing she can draw already. And she wants to draw her parents. Maybe someday she'll include Emma!

HEB and Sunday after Church

I put the picture of Libby and Emma outside after church so you can see there's not much height difference between them. Libby is bending over a little bit to help Emma stand up while I took the picture. The other pictures are at HEB. Libby thought it was so funny she could see me through the balloon.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chuck E Cheese

Since we changed Libby's 3rd Birthday party from Chuck E Cheese to a swim party at the house she has been bugging me about going to Chuck E Cheese. I thought she had forgotten about it. I didn't get off that easy. So, last week I took both girls to the doctor for their check ups. The doctor said Emma is off the charts as far as her height goes. I thought she'd be off the charts with her weight, but they said she was perfectly proportionate. Libby did so well have blood taken and her flu shot, just a few tears, but no crying. So, I decided to do Chuck E Cheese by myself with both girls. Luckily it was not busy and turned out I could manage both girls on my own playing games. Here a few pictures of all the fun we had.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Almost There!

Emma is almost walking. She is going to be 14 mos. on the 26th of this month. She is a late bloomer, although you wouldn't know by her size. Here is a cute picture that was taken at her babysitter's this morning. She gets so excited when she takes a few steps. Here she took 3 steps.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Beautiful Babies!!!

I thought these pictures were so cute so I had to post them. Emma is obsessed with her swing outside. Her big smile shows how much she loves to swing. The picture of Libby was this morning before Day Care. I thought her outfit was so cute. She is such a girlie girl. I wasn't into the big bows and cutsie dresses, but I can't deny her personality. I will say she is already an athlete. She can be a girlie athlete. She knows how to pass the volleyball. Papa bought her a tennis racket for her birthday so we'll start tennis lessons this summer. Eventually she and Emma will be doubles partners. What big plans us parents have for our kiddos.