Monday, May 26, 2008

Just a Few Pics of the Girls

The first picture is of the girls before I attempted to take them with me to see "Made of Honor." It's a good thing the matinee show here is only $3 b/c we were only there 30 minutes. Now that Emma is walking she wants to explore and she was walking all over the theater. Of course Libby has to get in on the actiion and it became them playing chase. The next picture is of them on Mother's Day. Since I was by myself we spent the day visiting family in Mathis. This past weekend I went to a volleyball clinic and when I came back Saturday we had a girls night. Libby and Emma were in their matching jammies eating popcorn and drinking apple juice getting ready to watch "Racing Stripes." The last two pics are in George West at one of my coaching friend's house. She and I were pregnant at the same times with both kids. She had a boy the second time though. The kids swam and we ate hamburgers. Today is Memorial Day and we've been home all day. I've been packing up some last things. This week Pedro come home. We plan to go to the beach on his b-day, Saturday. Then we'll go to Sea World Sunday and meet up with Nana and Papa afterwards. Those are my parents by the way. Then Pedro and I will go stay the night in Gruene. I'm so excited. It's a trip to celebrate our b-days. We'll see Randy Rogers at Gruene Hall and then stay at Gruene Mansion Inn. Then we'll head to San Angelo to find a house. Then on my b-day I'll be heading back to Beeville without him b/c he'll have to go back to work. Nana and Papa will have the girls this whole time. I can't wait!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ready to Move to San Angelo!

That's right everyone, we're moving! After four years in South Texas it's time to return to West Texas. I'm excited b/c when I turned three 24 years ago my parents moved to San Angelo and I lived there til I was nine. Now Libby is three and we're moving to San Angelo. About four weeks ago Pedro heard of an oppportunity to take a promotion in San Angelo. We had been talking about me moving out to West Texas since that's where he'll be working from now on. I saw a head volleyball opening at San Angelo Grape Creek. I pondered at the idea and we decided we'd just wait and move next year. Well, he heard about his opening up in San Angelo and we knew God was giving us the opportunity to have our family back together again. The volleyball job had not been filled, of course God was keeping it open for me. I went on an interview and was offered the job. Now we are packing up the house we were suppose to close on the day I went on the interview. God also held that up b/c paperwork wasn't ready. Anyway, we'll be outta here in June. It's sad to leave the house we brought both our girls home to and lived their first years. It will be a great transition. I'll be the head volleyball and assistant softball, yep never coached or played softball before. That should be interesting. But the best thing about the job is that I'll be out of the classroom and in the gym all day teaching PE! I'll be pulling out the pickleball and badminton equipment and get out my old books from ACU. We don't have a house, but we know God will take care of that too. For me and Pedro's birthdays we'll be taking a romantic getaway to look for a house. Hope all is well with everyone!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fun Weekend With Daddy!

Pedro finally came home last weekend after four weeks away this time working. We really had a great time just staying home. The first couple of pictures are of the girls at a bowling birthday party of Libby's bestfriend from Day Care. Libby got to bowl and Emma wanted to so bad. That was Saturday. Then on Sunday after church we cooked out and the girls did the slip n' slide. I think Emma enjoyed it the most. Libby liked to drink the water. The last couple of pictures are just cute ones around the house I thought I would throw in. Libby is practicing her posing by the tree. We might have big new coming up in next week's blog. Keep in touch!