Sunday, August 29, 2010

My team won 1st place yesterday at the Breckenridge Varsity Tournament. I'm so proud of them!

I'm also so proud of my little Libby. She started Kindergarten last Monday. I can't believe she's old enough for real school. Tears were in our eyes that morning.

Just some pics of the kids. Paydon is crawling now and pulling himself up on things.

They must be mine, they love to play vball already!

Look at Libby do push ups!

We love Grape Creek Volleyball!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Last Days of Summer, for a coach anyway!

Here are a few pics of the last couple of weeks. Libby was participating as much as she could w/ my team at vball camp. The others are of us on the way down to Corpus (girls asleep in the car) to see Pedro's mom in the hospital and to his cousin's daughter's quincinera. The girls had a blast dancing and enjoyed watching daddy dance w/ his neice. Paydon had his first taste of spaghetti, a Wednesday night tradition since I was a kid. Libby and Emma went to cheer camp, here they are w/ their favorite cheerleader Morgan. The kids got their new Grape Creek shirts and wore them yesterday for my first scrimmage. Yep, vball season has started!