Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sadly Sittin' in San Angelo

It's been a long time since I posted. We have been so busy and so out of touch from a computer. We officially moved to San Angelo two weeks ago on the 28th of June. We found the house we want to buy, but the owners are not agreeing with one another, so we still have not signed any papers and are trying to be patient. Now we have all our stuff in a storage and we are staying in a little bed and breakfast cabin. It's a good thing this place is just down the road from my school, the house we want, and our storage. Our dogs have enjoyed making friends with all the other dogs in Grape Creek. By the way, Grape Creek is a small community 10 minutes out of San Angelo. My school is called Grape Creek High School. Anyway, in the past two weeks Pedro went back to work and the girls and I went to Atlanta to see my parents. The girls stayed there and I got back this past Tuesday. I came home early and did not go to coaching school b/c we didn't have an official place to live. I thought by the time I got back to Grape Creek the owners would have something decided, but they haven't and we're still at the cabin. Pedro and I were planning on painting and putting in new floors at this house since the girls stayed with Nana and Papa. Well, Pedro and I enjoyed the past four days by ourselves. We walked the dogs everyday, I kicked his butt in tennis, and we ate a lot! Now we are going on diets and working out!! Pedro went back to work yesterday, so I'm all by myself at this cabin. This is how I found time to blog. My parents will bring the girls back Thursday. I cannot wait to see them! These pictures are of Libby getting her nails and toes done. She got a rainbow mani pedi. My mom and I were across from her getting real pedicures. It was the first of many girl trips to get nails done. Emma was at home with Papa. I have many more pics to post, but all of my cords to download pics are packed away in storage. These are off the phone.